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Torrevieja Tapas Trail

If you haven´t been to the Torrevieja Tapas trail before, then you are in luck because from today until the 3rd of December you will be able to experience one of the best tapas trails on the Costa Blanca. What makes the Torrevieja tapas trail so great? Well there are 45 establishments participating so plenty of choices of places to visit, each bar or restaurant is offering two different types of tapas, with a choice of a traditional tapas and a drink for 2€ or a gourmet tapas and a drink for 2.50€ making the options endless, and even if you are a fussy eater like me you are bound to find something to tempt your taste buds. This year they have also added dietary advice to the route map so if you are a vegetarian but want to join in it is now possible, just look at the list of tapas to find the green veggie sign to let you know which restaurant to go to. If you are gluten intolerant there is also a wheat sign to let you know which tapas is suitable for you. This is a great addition to the route and gives everybody the chance to join in without any worries. Each business on the trail puts in a lot of work to come up with new and creative tapas for the route, so its great to support them and keep this new tradition going strong.

Join in this weekend and get to know Torrevieja better and find your new favourite restaurant, I can´t wait for the chance to experience some of the wonderful tapas. Yummy!!

To see what tapas is on offer click on the link below.

Torrevieja Tapas Trail list