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San Miguel de Salinas has an area of 54.90 km2, connected by secondary roads, and the A-37 Alicante-Cartagena connecting with the A-7. Located on a vantage point in the foothills of the Sierra de los Alcores and facing the fertile alluvial plains of the River Segura, the salt lakes and the Mediterranean Coast.

The first settlers of San Miguel of those who have vestiges are the Iberians, whose resotos ceramics are found in abundance in the surrounding area. Then people like the Romans and Arabs settled.

It begins to be populated by the year 1599 when the first homes located in what is now the town were built. In the year 1836 it is when finally the new and definitive City of San Miguel de Salinas creating confrontations with neighboring villages for term limits is created. Discussions on the recovery and expansion of the municipality, started again and in 1955 was awarded the municipality now has.


Church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel . Located on the Freedom Square and built in 1722, it is the only church in the area that did not collapse in the great earthquake of 1829. Currently retains nothing of its original structure because it was destroyed during the Civil War.

Casa Lo Mecca . Construction of the late S. XVIII, distributed around a central courtyard where the rooms differ owners and workers of the farm. Typical upland area that has a wine cellar, mill, etc. There are also other typical farmhouses as: Casa Lo Balaguer, El Carmen and The pigsties. Found archaeological remains of the Bronze Age, located at the site of the pigsties.

Culture . Importantly , the Musical Union of San Miguel de Salinas with over sixty years of history in the city. In addition, during the first week of August (coinciding with the August Fair) takes place the Summer Music School with a history of over twenty years where there is a large participation at the national level.

Cave houses . They are a very peculiar constructive and architectural tradition of undoubted cultural and ethnological importance. Troglodyte village called I and II in the Catalogue of Goods and Protected Areas.


Because, among other reasons, to gentle climate enjoyed in San Miguel, in recent years has experienced tremendous population growth. In fact, in the municipality currently live about 52 different nationalities, with British and Germans the most lavish. Meanwhile, the local cuisine is as varied as traditional. So, you can taste the “gazpacho manchego”, “cooked with balls” or “rice with rabbit”. Also typical “rice crusted” typical of the Vega Baja del Segura, and especially important is the “gazpacho with partridge and hare.”

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